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TWO EARS, ONE MOUTH. We use them proportionately. At Snyder Geologic, we listen to your needs, make sure we understand your goals, and then work with you to implement intelligent, cost-effective solutions.

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We have provided expert technical support to attorneys for nearly a decade. Whether your client is having groundwater issues, experienced a loss of water supply, settlement issues, dewatering claims, contamination lawsuits, whatever the issue may be, we can help. We also provide support with property transfers to ensure your client is protected.

Water Resources
If you are planning a development in the region’s backcountry, looking to increase production for an existing development, golf course, or industry, we have the experience and knowledge to provide the technical expertise to develop or increase your water supply.

The California Industrial and Construction General Permits are becoming more complex and onerous with each iteration. Fortunately, we’re keeping up with the changes and can help you navigate the process. Whether you need help with storm water, dewatering, or other types of permitting, we have the experience you need.

Site Assessment
Any firm can simply punch dozens of holes in the ground and collect hundreds of samples…and charge a fortune for it. We approach sites with a step-wise approach, sampling only where necessary and filling data gaps so we can get to your solution quickly and efficiently.

Risk Assessment
Contaminated properties can harm the environment and put people at risk, and we can correct that. But let’s face it, it’s a cost you’d rather not have. Our goal is your goal, conduct the necessary clean up to protect human health and the environment.

Construction Support
Whether you are a developer planning to purchase and develop/redevelop a property, or are a construction firm that needs to or is dealing with a contamination, dewatering, or storm water issue you didn’t anticipate on your job site, we can add a level of service that lets you get back to doing what you’re good at, building.

Are you looking to add technical expertise to your team on a large contract submittal? With professional geologists, certified hydrogeologists, and trained storm water professionals, we provide a wide array of services to add to your team. Our Small Business certifications don’t hurt either.

Need help with those complex and challenging projects or are you just looking for some short term assistance from highly qualified registered professionals? Whatever the need, from a quick technical review of a report to project team support on a long term project, without a long term commitment, we can help.