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teaming with SES-TECH to serve the US navy


    Snyder Geologic has assisted Sealaska Environmental Services (SES) with preparation of an annual groundwater monitoring report that documents groundwater quality at a large former military base in the process of redevelopment under the Base Realignment and Closure program through the US Navy.

SES subcontracted Snyder Geologic to prepare an annual groundwater report that documents the current groundwater conditions, discusses groundwater trends, and provides recommendations to the Navy to optimize the future groundwater monitoring program at the former base. SES provided the site-wide data collected over four quarters of sampling which Snyder Geologic used to evaluate groundwater flow directions, changes in groundwater quality relative to remedial goals, trends in contaminant concentrations, and the progress of natural attenuation, the predominant clean up remedy.

Snyder Geologic worked with the team to prepare illustrations that presented analytical results, groundwater flow maps, trends of historical analytical results, as well as tables that synthesized the current and historical data for over 300 groundwater monitoring wells at 16 Installation Restoration sites on the base for more than a decade.

The Navy provided very positive feedback to the annual reports, as the 2011 and 2012 reports were much more streamlined and provided significant optimization recommendations (removal of wells, elimination of analyses, reduction in sampling frequency) that will result in cost savings to the Navy that can redirect funds toward clean up.