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A Litigation Support CASE STUDY
Injured Triathlete


    Snyder Geologic was retained by a Los Angeles-based law firm to assist with a suit brought by their plaintiff against an HOA that was not properly handling groundwater problems. The conditions lead to an unfortunate cycling accident with the plaintiff being seriously and permanently injured.

Snyder Geologic was asked to conduct a site visit to observe and document conditions at a residential development where groundwater caused by over irrigation was daylighting on to a residential street and allowing the buildup of algea. The result was an unsafe condition for those using the street. As a result of the site visit, Snyder Geologic concluded that the groundwater was the responsibility of the HOA since it had captured and diverted the water below one intersection, but allowed it to daylight again and flow across several other intersections unabated.

If groundwater is intercepted by an active or passive dewatering system, the eventual discharge of the intercepted groundwater becomes the responsibility of the entity performing the “dewatering” according to permitting requirements of the Regional Water Quality Control Board. Even if the water does not contain contaminants, the discharge must be permitted by the responsible party. This information was used by the attorney to demonstrate that the water was the responsibility of the HOA and they were responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries.

Snyder Geologic was able to assist the law firm in this case for just a few thousand dollars in consulting fees, allowing the plaintiff to receive a settlement.