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A Water Resources CASE STUDY
teaming with DUDEK to serve the City of San Diego


    Snyder Geologic was awarded a Small Business (Emerging Local Business Enterprise) contract by the City of San Diego to provide water resources consulting services and collect groundwater data in the East County area of San Diego. The project focused on the upper San Diego River from its headwaters to Lakeside. The information was collected to establish baseline conditions in order to monitor biological and hydrogeological effects of groundwater withdrawal  from areas below two reservoirs in the San Diego River hydrologic basin.

Snyder Geologic teamed with Dudek to continue to conduct baseline groundwater and surface water monitoring from Lakeside to Ramona along the upper reaches of the San Diego River. Ten wells were monitored in 2012 and 2013 within the El Monte Basin and San Vicente Creek using downhole pressure transducers (In-Situ Trolls)that collected data once daily, and a field Rugged Reader was used to download and view the recorded data. Manual water level measurements were also recorded on a monthly basis during each monitoring event.

Stream guaging was performed at two locations downstream of El Capitan dam during the monthly monitoring events. During high rainfall periods, the stream flow rate and staff readings of transects perpendicular to the flow direction were recorded, in order to estimate stream discharge rates. Tensiometers (soil moisture indicators) were also monitored at four locations adjacent to monitoring wells downstream of El Capitan Dam. The purpose of the soil moisture readings was to understand how soil moisture is affected by precipitation, streamflow, and groundwater levels within the riparian habitat of the stream.

A report was prepared by Dudek using the collected data that summarized the hydrogeologic and biologic baseline conditions for future monitoring during groundwater production, as well as methods to evaluate potential impacts during groundwater withdrawal. The baseline conditions will be used to measure effects to the flora and fuana during groundwater pumping so that mitigation measures can be initiated if impacts to the habitat are observed.