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Development and redevelopment of existing and “pristine” sites come with a unique set of challenges that go beyond the normal planning, permitting, structural, and construction issues with which developers are accustomed to dealing. Even on seemingly pristine land, there may have been historical use related to the agricultural industry that could include old underground farm tanks that have been neglected and/or left behind, pesticide use that could include synthetic organochlorine, organophosphorous, or arsenic-based pesticides, or simply a dump area on the property that could include buried waste that may contain heavy metals, PCBs, and other hazardous chemicals. In some regions, such as San Diego County, what appears to be undeveloped land may once have been a military site where unexploded ordnance may be an issue.

There are many ways to assist the developer and work with the regulatory agency to minimize project disruption and reduce the financial and schedule impacts, but it takes time, local regulatory knowledge, and personal relationships with key players to provide these important benefits. At SNYDER GEOLOGIC, we have developed these key insights and relationships to assist our clients to meet their goals.

Often times, SNYDER GEOLOGIC is called on to a construction job when the project has already begun. We are called because an environmental issue has come to light, whether it is an underground storage tank, buried drum(s), burn pit, disposal site, water discharge permit issue, or similar type of environmental issue, and the project needs to keep moving forward with the least amount of schedule delay and cost to the project. Because of our size, management style, experience, and knowledge of the regulatory setting and staff, we are perfectly positioned to help a developer or contractor with these types of challenges and keep the project moving forward, while balancing the regulatory requirements to which the project is now subject.

Industrial properties
Agricultural sites
Military installations
Service stations
Waste disposal (source material, soil, groundwater)
Inert soil reuse on and off site
On-site contaminated soil reuse
Risk assessments
Vapor intrusion
Work Plans
Site closure
Soil and groundwater management plans
Risk management
Storm Water

Soil disposal permitting
Facilitation of soil reuse on and off site
Soil management cost estimating
Work Plan Preparation
Regulatory liaison and negotiations
Risk Management planning
Site Closure reporting
Construction SWPPPs and compliance with the California CGP

COMPANIES with which Scott Snyder of SNYDER GEOLOGIC has worked:
AMG Demolition
Boardwalk Development
Center City Development Corporation
Clark Construction
DPR Construction
FJ Willert Contracting
Hensel Phelps
McMillin Development
Rudolph and Sletten
San Diego Redevelopment Agency
West-Tech Contracting




See how Snyder Geologic helped a construction contractor and tax payers save hundreds of thousands of dollars in disposal costs and protecting human health at the busiest land border crossing in the world.

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