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At SNYDER GEOLOGIC, we have the experience handling environmental, remediation, storm water, hydrogeology, and construction defect challenges that attorneys face in a legal setting. We are able to collect and synthesize relevant data to keep expert witness fees low while still achieving our client’s goal of addressing the pertinent issues of a particular case. We have worked on cases that have dealt with contamination migration and site history, shallow groundwater problems, slope failures, road maintenance and degradation issues, and dewatering and differential settlement, to name a few main areas.

We’re able to work with the legal team to develop strategies to put the client in the best position to win or settle a case. We have worked with plaintiff’s and defendant’s attorneys to develop strategies for discovery, negotiations, mediation, and trial. We also assist with developing deposition questions to pose to opposing experts and are often called upon to review and challenge other expert reports. We have experience in mediation, settlement negotiation, expert meetings, and discussions with mediators, and providing deposition and trial testimony. We will work with the legal team and the client to ensure we are providing the best service and strongest technical case.

Scott Snyder has provided litigation support and expert witness services to firms located throughout California including San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. We have provided these services for projects in these areas as well as in Mammoth Lakes.

Groundwater issues
Dewatering and settlement
Geotechnical issues (in consultation with geotechnical experts)
Contamination and Remediation
Storm Water
Permitting and Compliance

Field Investigations
Expert reports
Negotiation and settlement strategy
Evaluation of opposing expert testimony and reports
Assistance with deposition preparation of opposing experts
Discovery strategy
Expert deposition and trial testimony

A few of the firms with which Scott Snyder of SNYDER GEOLOGIC has worked:
Best, Best, and Kreiger
Chapman, Glucksman, and Dean
Fisher and Krekorian
Gordon Rees
Opper & Varco
Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves and Savitch
Reden & Reden
Luce, Forward, Hamilton, and Scripps




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