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Once the site investigation phase of a contamination project has been completed, the risks to human health and the environment must be evaluated, corrective action taken (if necessary), and then site closure can be requested of the regulatory agency. At SNYDER GEOLOGIC, we have the capability and experience to take a project from investigation through site closure to bring a site back to productive use, or simply to eliminate conditions that pose a risk to site occupants.

Often times, a thorough evaluation of a site indicates that no remediation is necessary, and by implementing a few best management practices and/or institutional controls, a site can continue to operate as it has for years, but with the assurance the its workers or residents are not being exposed to hazardous levels of chemicals.

In cases where a risk of exposure is present, we evaluate the most expedient and cost effective solution to achieve the goal of a safe work or living environment. The solutions are not force fit into a situation, but rather we discuss potential remedial options with the owner to determine the best alternative for the situation. In some cases a temporary remedy is required until such time as a more permanent solution can be implemented, perhaps at a time when the site is being renovated or redeveloped.

Chemical manufacturers
Corrective action
DTSC site closure process
Feasibility Studies
Groundwater remediation
Industrial properties
Monitored Natural Attenuation
Regulatory liaison
Remedial investigations
Risk based assessments
Service stations
Soil and groundwater remediation
Site closure
Underground storage tanks

Chemical fate and transport assessment
Exposure pathway assessments
Implementation of Low-Threat Closure Policy
Natural attenuation monitoring
Regulatory agency negotiation
Regulatory criteria screening
Remedial action plans
Site conceptual models
Vapor intrusion modeling/Vapor risk assessments



      See how Snyder Geologic helped a construction contractor and tax payers save hundreds of thousands of dollars through risk assessment and remediation, protecting human health at the busiest land border crossing in the world.

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      "In all cases, Mr. Snyder has been responsive and has completed the work on time and within budget. His work was of professional quality and performed satisfactorily, and we continue to use him for these services for these reasons." - Dennis England, PE, E2 Environmental