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In the site assessment phase of a project, SNYDER GEOLOGIC works with the property owner, responsible party, prospective buyer, etc., to develop a step-wise, cost-effective approach that eliminates duplication of effort and expending valuable time and money on aspects of an investigation that are not necessary or do not support the objectives of the project.

We first evaluate the goals and objectives of the project, whether it is to establish baseline conditions for a property transfer, manage and dispose excess soil and groundwater for a construction project, respond to regulatory requirements or UST removal, or change in property usage (e.g., permit closure). We are always asking ourselves the “what if” questions when it comes to data collection. We always know why we are collecting information and data, and what they will mean to your goal.

SNYDER GEOLOGIC evaluates the applicable regulatory criteria and considers the overseeing regulatory agency. One of the most important aspects of site assessment is gaining regulatory approval of the planned work before it is initiated to ensure that when the work is complete, regulatory concurrence is achieved. During the planning process, the necessary permits are obtained and the work is scheduled to minimize disturbance to the site activities. The site assessment proceeds in a manner that causes the least disturbance to site activities and the client is continually updated as to the progress.

When the fieldwork is complete, the data are evaluated with respect to applicable regulatory criteria, human health protection criteria, or any other standard that may be applicable to the project. We evaluate if any data gaps exist and develop a strategy to close those data gaps with further fieldwork. Once the contamination has been evaluated in soil, groundwater, and/or soil vapor, a risk assessment can be conducted, corrective action taken if necessary, and site closure can be obtained.

Chemical manufacturers
DTSC site closure process
Feasibility Studies
Industrial properties
Regulatory liaison
Service stations
Underground storage tanks

Aquifer testing for remedial design
Drilling and soil sampling
Feasibility Studies
Installation of monitoring and remediation wells
Preparation of work plans
Remedial investigations
Soil gas sampling
Well and boring permitting




See how Snyder Geologic has helped save a developer more than $2 million in waste disposal costs by conducting a site assessment that ultimately resulted in allowing the owner to reuse soil impacted with low level contaminants while still protecting human health and the environment.

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      Scott Snyder (Snyder Geologic) has effectively and efficiently provided consulting services on over 6 contracts. Scott is extremely knowledgeable regarding state and federal regulations as well as the latest remediation technology. I rely on Scott weekly to produce quality results in an expedited time frame. I have never been disappointed. I strongly recommend Snyder Geologic with no reservations." - Eric Cathcart, PG, Consulting Geologist